Neila is an alien. She lives on a cold planet and nothing can grow. Can Billy and Splodge help her? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Fliptune is a very strange planet. Can you imagine another strange planet? Tell us about it!

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hmmm.. yummy.. may i call it an ice cream planet??
kind billy and splodge.. however, poor splodge as well.
have to do the mirror each day..
hahaaa.. nice play. thanks to this site.. i heard it over and over..
thank you, n greetz; Glass cafe pudding

this my comment,

  1. I like the aliens,they are very funny
  2. i said this too Neila " Can i borrow that ice cream?"
  3. thanks for listening!

The aliens have three eyes. They are funny.

ı lıke <3

I want to eat ice-cream!!  I like it!

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