Spycat travels round the world looking for the evil Ratty. Will he catch him? Watch and find out!

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Spycat visits lots of places. Where would you like to visit? Tell us about it!

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 ratty wants to destroy all computers to take all over the world then spycat went to find ratty first he went to france,paris then egypt then to hong kong then to england in this place spycat  knew where to find ratty..when he found ratty and gave him a box ..he took a holiday ..he thought that cats are cleverer than rats but in tom and jerry(the cartoon)jerry the rat is cleverer than cat!
any way did you understood the story?

spycat is borning

The clues are:-
go to egypt
go to hong kong
go to london
and the last clue is ratty is in his cave
thank you...

i like spycat

 pretty interesting!

I like this story so much such as i see it everyday.

It is very, very interesting

Indeed interesting

I really like "spy cat" stories and I love to pla them all over again.

This story is for a detective i think.