This boy has to support his football team in secret! Which team does he support? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The boy in the story loves his favourite football team. What's your favourite sports team? Tell us about it!

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My fave team is Argentina.
They wear light blue and white.
The best player is Lionel Messi.
They could win some cups, but i´m not sure.

So nice story, I like it very much and very good story.
My favourite team is Boxton Town

 I like all football teams and my fave game is football. U can also call it soccer! my fave player is Christiano Ronaldo. For the Fifa World Cup, I like Argentina,Brazil,Mexico !! :)

I like it so much

i come from the unieted states

great! I admie this video publistter.thanks!

Hi SillyGarnet70,
I'm happy to read that you like this video.
Have fun practising your English!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 

I like this story.
It's have a lot of secret.

My favourite team is Real Madrid
It is from Spain
They have three kits: blue,white and orange
The best player in Real Madrid and in the world is CRISTIANO RONALDO
They can win this season the Champions League, Liga BBVA and others trophys
This team is not from my country but it is the most popular in it.

he like football l like allso