Eid al-Fitr is this girl's favourite time of year. How does she celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This girl's favourite celebration is Eid al-Fitr. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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hello guyz 

iam a musli girl.ilove you ALLAH.I like quran

 I am also a Muslim! I hope you do your daily prayers! Please be my friend!

 my favorite day is eid al fitr and eid al adha 

  •  i am muslim
  • i like eid al fitr ,ramadan , quran and allah
  • i like eid al fitr because we get money from neighbors elders except strangers 
  • my mom cleans the house and put nice perfume
  • also she put new things to our house
  • and me and my mum make lots of sweets for guests to come 
  • eid al fitr is the best day of the year
  • i forget to tell that we also were new clothes and visit our elders(grandmother and grandfather)

Video is very good.

I'm a Muslim. I love you Ramadan and Eid al Fitr. I love you Quran and Allah. I love prayer and doa. I love Upin and Ipin, school, friends, movies, watching television and reading a book.

I'm a Muslim and I love Eid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very nice puzzle

she says very efffctable words for iff we understand it we are very think that we are all real muslam