Eid al-Fitr is this girl's favourite time of year. How does she celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This girl's favourite celebration is Eid al-Fitr. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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EID day has been gifted by ALLAH.. nd there isn't any accountibilty on eid day about our lavishness....

i"m a muslim nd i'm also very like EID... we get allot of money from our elders and have fun all three days of eid.

James´ favourite time of the year is Easter. I must search for my easter eggs. My Mum doesn´t decorate the house but many other people do.

hey kristiana

Well on the eid days we were new clothes some people dance and sing songs do firworkswell it is fun Allah (Muslims god) has made eid after Ramadhan because in Ramadhan u have to fast. Because so all over illness go away if u like to know more stuff about muslims or sikhism.I will tell u im not a sik but a muslim I do research about other religons because im really intersted in them   

Hi My faviorate day is Eid ul Fitr and  Eid ul Adha .
Eid Ul Adha: In Eid ul Adha in Pakistan or some where else they cut cows .And go to each others house .You call That smotimes Small eid or something else.
Eid Ul Fitr:In Eid Ul Fitr you got to peoples house and get money and eat .
And more E.T.C things happenn

 i loveeeeeeeee special days...i just wait that something beautiful hAPPEN.....and when it does ,in that moments i'm just crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

hey kristiana  my birthday is a special day for me are you coming to my birthday at 10 march.and yor picture is very funny

my best day that I always wait for

It`s a good  story i love eid al  fitr