Christmas is this boy's favourite time of year. How does he celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This boy's favourite celebration is Christmas. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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i dont celebrate it.=(


I`m from Spain,and in Spain,we don`t pull the chrismast craker or we don`t eat turkey!

hello i'm from argentina here too eat turkey but we yes put chrismast craker

Yes,KingWolfJungle ! is very good,and funny! :)

My favourite holiday is New Year. On this day Santa Clause comes in and gives me some presents. I go to the town's biggest square where we have our New Year Tree, and have some fun with my parents. I never go carol singing. I don't send any cards.
I usually eat some cake. On this day I wear a beautiful dress. I sometimes give presents to my parents. I decorate my New Year tree with baubles, tinsel and lights.

Chrismas is my favourite day too!

me too

i like christmas and my birthday too!!!!(i ave very much prensent on this days!)------------------------------------------(and so much fun at my birthday) 

my favourite day is 21st june,because the school finishes