Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie tells us about her dad. Can you describe someone in your family? Tell us what they look like and what they do!

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I love the game.

My name is CaptainJaguarGigantosaurus. I am 7 years old.
My Dad is clever and funny .He is also helpful. Every Saturday he plays with me.
My mother is loving and caring.

The game is fun too!

My dad is 40 years old. He has black hair and black eyes i've got black eyes too. He wake up early morning everyday. He's a manager. He is very kind, helpful and friendly. My dad get home at 4:30pm in evening. At the weekend my dad like to spent time with family sometime he help my homework but he doesn't tell the answer he try to understand the questions and then I need to find the answer by myself. At his free time he like to play the guitar and sing the songs i like to sing the songs too.

My dad is 34 yrs old He loves me & my sister.

My dad are 40 now.He has black hair and brown eyes . He like to drink coffe . The food he like is fish . He very good at Math . Sometime he teach me Math . He so fun. I love my dad a lot

I am wondering what has happened to her mother?

I dont know

she is sick.

My Dad is a software engineer. He is 38 years old. His hair is black. His eyes are brown. My dad like playing game. I love dad a lot.