Hairy Henry's friends want to give him some birthday presents. What will they buy? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Hairy Henry's friends give him some really special birthday presents. What was your most special birthday present? Tell us about it!

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i do not have a birthday gift

My spaicial gift was money!

VERRY good! it's cool story

Cool story

The gift was hair dryer.
When i got the gift was 10 year.
The one who gave me the hair dryer was mom, dad and grandmother.
Yes i have it left the gift.
It was a special gift because i got it from my family.

i liked the story

i like a tie which lights up and sings a monster HAPPY BRITHDAY song

i like birthday gifts!maybe thats a good one!

I like all of these gift! I like the tie most.Because it can sing.The monster Henry is not handsome,Henry is so funny