One day Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Who will she meet in the wood? Watch and find out!

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Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her granny. Do you go to visit your grandparents or other members of your family? Tell us about them!

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My Favorite.

My grandma named "Supa" and my grandpa named "Kumtron". They are both nice. My grandma love to cooking. Every time I visited them, my grandma cooked a lot of food for me and they were all delicious. I didn't live with my grandparents. I live in Bangkok in Thailand but they live in Yala. Yala is in south of Thailand. So, I went to Yala every summer.

ı like this story very very much

i love this story very much

so nice and kool

This story is very nice.....but there is a logic in here....can any one come out off the wolf's mouth after they had been eaten by the wolf ????????
It is a very big doubt for me.....If any one can answer me please reply....

you know,this is imagination so i do not think this is a big  deal but the most important thing you must focus on it is the story itself

It's just a story, anything can happen in a story