Jack has some magic beans! What will happen when they start to grow in his garden? Watch and find out!

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The giant in this story has a magic harp that can sing and a magic hen that lays golden eggs! Imagine that some of the things in your house are magic. Tell us about them!

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very good

Sorry but i don´t like story . This is very sad


It was a really good story but that story I read was much more diffrent.
It that story Jack and his mother was poor. One day Jack went out to sell the cow. He met a man who said to him "Give me the cow and you will get some magic beans. Jack said ok and went home. Hid mother get angry and throw out the beans with anger. 
The next day Jack saw a giant three outside their garden. He climbed up over the cloud and sky and saw a castle. he went inside and their it was a old women who said "Who are you? Jack answerd, "I'm Jack and I'm hungry. The old women gave him food and fruit. Then they heard something. The old women said "Go and hide" He hided in the owen and waited. A giant came in and said "I am hungry" After he had eat he shouted to a chicken LAY and the chicken laid a golden egg. Then he took a golden harp and said sing and the harp singed and he sleept. Jack tooked the golden chicken and jumped out of the window and get home. When his mother was it, she were proud. 
The following day, Jack climbed up again and went to the castle. He went inside and the saw the old women. He said "I am hungry" The women answerd " Is it not you who steeled the golden chicken" Jack thinked that he must lie and said "No, I never been here" The old women gave him food and fruit. Suddenly she said "Hide in the owen" The giant came and shouted "FOOD" after he ate he said to the harp sing. The harp singed and he fell into sleep. Jack tooked the harp and run home so fast he just can. When he got home, his mother were very, very proud. 
The next day, Jack climbed up again and went to the castle. When he finally got there, he saw the old women again. She said "Is it don't you who steeled the golden chicken and the golden harp. Jack answerd a streight now and said "I am very hungry" The women gave him food and fruit. Then the giant came. Jack run and hide into the owen. The giant didn't say I am hungry, he said "I spell human here" Then Jack were really scared. The giant went to the owen and opened it and saw Jack. Jack hit him on his face and run out. The giant hunted him. Jack saw the three and climbed down so fast as possible. He saw their house. When he was down he saw the giant climbing. Because the giants weight the three fell and the giant died. 
Now Jack and his mother were very rich and they bought a nice, lovely house and lived an happy and rich life with the golden chicken and the golden harp.
Well This was the story I readed. 

I really liked this story!


great story ! :)

I do not like this story because it is not  true

I have Squirrels in my Pants!

I‘ve ever heared this story's origin.

 I like this story,