There were lots of people on Hassan Street this morning. How many people were going to school? Watch and find out!

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This girl sees lots of strange things on her way to school. What do you see on your way to school? Tell us about it!

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This story is tricky but very funny!

Hey guys!It's tricky.Actually the question was how many people were going to SCHOOL?Only the girl was going to school and the others were going to circus.I immediately type 1 and my answer was correct.The only thing we need to solve this question is LOGIC.Isn't it?

very great math..

just one girl......


I like this game:)

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It is easy if you use your brain. The question says " How many people were there on Hassan street, GOING TO SCHOOL at 7'oclock ". Well,
Hanan was the only one in the story going to School, so the answer will be one

 Also, Hanan was going to school 1. and total people 9.
19 is full answer but real answer is 1.

This is tricky like maths.
But my brain worked.
The answer i wrote 19, then it showed ''You wrote 19. But its not the correct answer. Check hint.''
Then i checked.
Well, just as my maths teacher had asked me this same question!
So, the correct answer is 1 even it is written in my notebook.