Goldilocks goes into a house in the forest. What will she find there? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The three bears eat hot cereal called 'porridge' for breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast? Tell us about it!

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I love this story..

 Good story. I finished the game at 01:17.4

 Nice story and nice animation.

 I liked the bears very much. Nice story!

this is very intresting.

This story is really nice but it bothers me when he says: "Said mummy/daddy/baby bear" but then I think it's fantastic !!!

i like this story

I eat cereal for breakfast but i learned that
you should never go inside a house without permission.

I have read this story also seems to feel hungry 

Actually, I don't have breakfast in the morning because I always oversleep and miss the breakfast time. So, my first meal is at lunch. I always have Chinese Flowering Cabbage, rice and port. At the weekend, I always have some special food such as Japanese food, Indian curry  or traditional Chinese food. My favorite food is traditional British breakfast. I really like to eat sausage,egg,soybean,bacon,and bubble tea.