Goldilocks goes into a house in the forest. What will she find there? Watch and find out!

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The three bears eat hot cereal called 'porridge' for breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast? Tell us about it!

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this is how you spell  'naughty' a  genius....just kidding(*_^)

this story is funny.

 thanks leanlearn english british council for this such a great side through which we can gain much knowledge about the things which is used in our daily life 

 ye s thanks


yes me tooo

thank you... i'm very funny with this page.... what your name? and where do you live??? ask me please i want to be your frineds.

hi, i'm veronica from spain
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I'm Harry from China. I usually eat Baozi and drink soy milk for breakfast. On weekends, I sometime have some fruit like pitaya, watermelon for a special breakfast. And my favorite breadfast is milk and egg.