Goldilocks goes into a house in the forest. What will she find there? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The three bears eat hot cereal called 'porridge' for breakfast. What do you usually have for breakfast? Tell us about it!

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I like it

I usually eat fried egg for beakfast. I really love it because I eat it with sausages. And sometimes I eat "musli" for breakfast. It's like German cereal.

me too

i like it but its a little different from the real one

I feel sorry for the baby bear.

I feel so bad for baby bear.

i love it! i told this story in the storiy telling competition i got lots of clape from the ordience !and my teachers told me its a splendid story.i was happy to hear that.all thanks to learn english british council.

I'm already heard this story. But now when i hear it again and i thihk it is more fun

Me too , I had heard this for many times already.

me too