Был ли ты когда-нибудь на свадьбе? Как люди обычно одеты на свадебных церемониях? А что там обычно едят? Хочешь ли ты жениться/ выйти замуж, когда вырастешь? Попробуй ответить на эти вопросы по-английски.

Have you ever been to a wedding? What do people wear at weddings? What do people eat at weddings? Would you like to get married when you are older?

Your Turn: Weddings
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I have been to many weddings. For all weddings wearing clothes. Eat a variety of foods. At the end we remove the veil of the young and the young scarf means she parted with girlish life and become a woman that we have a. A when I grow up, I want to I had a wedding party at all in Barbie pink and white were two beautiful limousines and group Dzidzo 

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