Хочешь создать супергероя? В этой игре ты можешь выбрать героя и наделить его такой суперсилой, какой ты хочешь!

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Hello. I'm from Russia. I can not start the game. Tell me how.

Hi CrazyDiplodocusStorm

Unfortunately some of our games don't work on mobile phones or tablets.

If you're using a computer you may need to update your version of Flash - can you ask an adult to help you? If you still have a problem, please ask them to email us.

Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

 My hero is Pwnin' Lady!!!

My hero name is Lesly

 My super hero is....ME!!! =D

Im Katya and my hero is Katya!!! =D

My Heroes Name is TrolloPuzik 

 my hero is daaaviiiiiiidddddddd

My hero is Dimitrius!!!He has got a big sword !!!!

my hero name is Citi