Whose ghost does Hamlet see in the castle? Watch this story, one of our 'Shakespeare Lives' videos, and find out!


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Hi Forever Jewel Sphinx,
I had similar experience as you and at that time, l guess I am 6-7 years old.I felt so scared at that time too.

Good story.

To be, or not to be; that's the question

Can you try and upload Goethe stories like this?

Hi CreamSong60,

Thanks for your suggestion. It's a nice idea but we don't plan to put Goethe stories on our site.

We have stories by William Shakespeare because he was a famous British writer. Goethe was a famous German writer! 

We will have some new stories coming soon, about other famous British people.

Do you know about any stories by Goethe? If you like you could write about them on these pages:





Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

I have never seen a ghost. But if I saw him, i think i don't be scared, because ghost can be friendly., like Casper Ghost.

This story is so sad!

(Sniff)I always cry when I watch it