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Game developed by Cambridge English Online
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this game is very interesting, but why in game about cat i wrote 2 woman (she has a BIG NOSE). it was not true?

Hi AgentPepperPanda,
The answer to the question about the cat is woman number 6.
Number 2 and 6 both have a big nose, but the person who found the cat had curly hair and blue eyes. It can't be number 2 as she has straight hair and brown eyes.
You can read all of the text again if you click 'text on'.
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team 

thank you very much) ^-^ 

Good game! I like it)

The game is interesting, but there is a little descriptions.

Oh no! Its no very good game!

 very interesting game

 that is a good game

It is interesting game! :)