Here is a picture of a boy's bedroom. Can you paint the things in the room the right colours? Listen and paint!


How to play: 

Read or listen to the instructions. Click on a colour to select it, and then click on the object to colour it. For example, if you read or hear 'Paint the CD player grey', click on the grey colour and then click on the CD player.

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FAB for my small sis

this game is very easy but is fun

easy for me

this game is very usefull

I don't like poster

It so fun! But very easy for me.

this is funny

i lkes this

great, I like it

This is interesting. Especially if you do not know the colors and the translation of some words.
Fortunately. I knew all that. Especially the color! =)
It is easy and interesting to me.
But just for me! For example, IcySitar3 it seemed fun. But in principle. That is correct. The game pretty develop. I learned half of the English on this site. And with my repititorom we learned colors on this game. =)