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What country do you live in? Tell us some interesting facts about your country!

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I live in Sri Lanka.
It is a country in South Asia.
Sri Lanka exports 11.3% of tea leaves.
Volleyball is the national sport of Sri Lanka.
There are two official languages spoken in Sri lanka and they are Sinhala and Tamil.
Sri Lanka is blessed with lots of wildlife.
The flag of Sri Lanka is one of the world's oldest flag.
Sri lanka has many tourist attractions and the famous one is 'the Sigiriya' ( Lion Rock )

I live in Saudi arabia .. yes we have a lots intresting fact for my country but i dont no how to say it .

i live in poland. my country is very old and beautiful. we have sea, mountains, and a lot beautiful sights!

I live in Denmark. Our national animal is the swan. The great storyteller HC Andersen wrote a beautiful tale about the swan.

I want to go Saudia Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Chad, Malaizia, Iran and Irak

Hi RedRap Tennis, I'am from Azerbaijan.

I live in China, we have 56 nationalities, each one have their own language, food and beautiful ethnic clothes.

it is my dream to go to Paris

Hello EmeraldFairyGrass, but I want to go Muslim Capitals

At that facts file i think i will like the english