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 I think that the sunny weather is the best weather.I love the sun.

Yes,the best weather is sunny.Because we eat ice-creams,we go to beach...

i love rainy because we can play into the rain
we can eat hot food to keep us warm

Ilike sunny wathers.Because:my birthday in summer ,ı go to holıdays and school is fnished,and go tO MOVERS  and a nw step.

sunny owns cus i love the summer and i am a little bit crazy you know that kind of things!

yes u are crazy!:D

Sunny is the best weather is just owns!

I think that the all weather counditions are good but peoples have differant choices

i think that sunny weather is also good coz we can eat ice-cream.

  • I like rain. It's cool and wet. In that weather i sleep very much.