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Hi! I'm Veronica. I'm 10 and ever since I was very little, I loved Cinderella very much! It is a wonderful story which shows you don't need to be a Princess to be beautiful. :)  My Parents treat me like a Princess, hihi. ^U^
-PrincessBrightLily, Veronica, 10, UK.

Oh hi, Veronica! It's funny because me and you have the same name, and age! Haha! Would you like to be my friend?

Hi I'm Izzmateen. I'm new here and I love this website. I love Pinocchio because the story is interesting and fun.  

Hiii LordPharaohTower

hi QueentuneOcean........ hw r u....???  :)

Hansel and Gretel is a very very interesting story !! I love it ;D but I have vote Hansel and Gretel and very few votes Hansel a Gretel : 10% :( I dont know why ;D

I love Cinderella story.It's a wonderful story about a beautiful princess.She is so kind with the animals.

hi every1.... am new here... n dis website is cool.... well... i like cindrella...n i also like little red ridding am confused whch 1 2 vote for,.... hahahahahahahaha....... :P

I like Cinderella beucause i like princess.

Hiya, everybody! I'm Veronica, and I'm 10 years young. I like Cinderella the most because it is a wonderful story which shows what true love is, and  that anybody can be a Princess and make their dreams dreams come true. :)
-Veronica, 10, UK.