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I live in a house in my house i have  got 25 room 9 of them are bathrooms 4 store rooms 1 dining room 1 guest room and 1 living room and the others left are bedrooms

  I live in a flat. 

i live in a house. there are 4 the living room, it has television and an armchair. in the kitchen, there are sink, electric stove and refrigerator.the bathroom has a toilet, mirror and shower. and the bedroom, it has a bed and wardrobe. what a great house!

I live in a house it hase two bathrooms one kitchen one laundroom  one laundry one pantry and five bedrooms so in my hole house i have 11 rooms it's very beautifull........................................................<3

I live in a house(in a big house).

 My house is massive! It cost 3 MILLIONS. There's a laundry room, 5 bedrooms, office, garden, kitchen, bathroom. Also there's a stable with 10 horses in it. We also have a lake/big pond in our garden. Our house is a bungallow villa! I love it!

PrincessSweetTree- you are a millionaire I think. It's true  I think. I am telling you you're SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck from LadySitarKitty :) !!!

@LadySitarKitty I do not want to show off but yes I am a millionaire. And of course I am lucky! You seem very nice by the way, do you want to be friends? :) 

You're probably a very sweet and kind girl but you'll never have true friends while you're telling everyone how rich and lucky you are. Best wishes to you!

 I live in a house, 2 floors, 1 big garden and many balcony's, big living room, big dining room, big kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 toy room, and 1 art room. Like a castle.