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If I have some free time, I like to be artistic such as painting and drawing pictures. My favourite type of drawing is Chibi and Manga. :)
Sometimes, I like to sing. When I'm 16, I'm gonna go to X Factor!
Love from Veronica

I just like to do what ever I have to do at school because it is reaaly hard finding this in the senior playground! and I don't have a lot of friends so  :(

i like playing ps3 lego batman 2 : )

hello victor my name is joshua

my favorite activitie is play the video games

i play computer

I like playing with my friend

I like playing volleyball with my friends. I'm good at Math. I'm interested in cooking.

I love sport because is great.My favourite sport is football because is very exciting.I play football with my friends.I think it is good and exciting.I play football every day.I love watch extreme sport.                                                              XD                                                                           
bye! :)

my friends is very funny ans happy. I like cooket lunch, swiming and ski.