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Playing with my friends
21% (868 votes)
Playing on the computer
16% (670 votes)
Watching television
8% (324 votes)
Doing sport
14% (570 votes)
Drawing or painting
9% (352 votes)
11% (468 votes)
Listening to music or singing
16% (656 votes)
Something else (please tell us about it!)
5% (202 votes)
Total votes: 4110


I like to do a lot of things: playing computer games, watching TV, drawing, painting and visit LearnEnglish Kids to write comment.

  1. I like your ideas
  2. you have lots of cool things       coool

I love reading!!!!

really, so do I!

I love to play computer games.

i love  playing wii.. pro evolution soccer game.

 i like to play on computer 

Even i like to play on computer.

 yay computers wining

waching tv