Look at the footballers. What are they wearing?

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For more football fun check out the Premier Skills website http://premierskills.britishcouncil.org/fun 

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not bad

Hi I'm Elia. I've just registered to this website.  I think it is nice and useful
see you soon.

Hi Elia

Welcome to the site. I hope you have lots of fun learning English here.

Princess Pixie Pea

LearnEnglish Kids team

this game is very cool.

it's boring!!!!!!!!

Hi there
            I love this games because I love sports

  yes is so easy !!!!!!!!

but i don't speak and writing english so much but practice jijijiji
who dont speak spanish ? 

Is great

 Well,do you English Learners play foot ball? If so,answer these questions:

  1. Where do you play foot ball?
  2. What do you wear?
  3. How many players are there?
  4. Do you have a Reffery?
  5. Do you often play it?
  • Well, that's all for today.
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  • See you on the next Topic

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