What's a snake's favourite subject at school?

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Snakes 'hissss'. If you add a longer 'ssss' sound to history you hear the noise a snake makes.


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Hi PrincessChickenMuseum!

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i like the joke! nice!!!

i dont understand even a little bit. but other messages make me lol!!!

Haha ;) I have a joke :

two ants ask an elephant: "Shall we fight?"
The elephant: No two against one is unfair!

Hahah ;D

 Here is a joke:
Stranger: (Knock Knock)
Bob: Who's there?
Stranger: Broccoli
Bob: Broccoli who?
Stranger: You silly, Broccoli doesn't have a last name. 
Is it funny???? Please answer!!!!!!!! ♥ :)

oh....Hi SingingChipmunkTulip. I like your "heart" in your "comment". I don't know how to make a "heart" in "comment" like you? Can you teach me? Thank you so much!               ( please teach me....!!!!! )

It's fantastic!

Hi, Do you like this joke? If so can you please reply  me?
Pete : Daddy, Do you have holes in your trousers?
Dad : Of course no my son!
Pete : Then how do you put your legs through??
Please reply if you need some more of my jokes.

now this joke IS funny.
Goodbye,Victoria ;)

 Really funny joke, I liked it alot. By the way my name is lina.( Leena)