What did the porcupine say when he put his coat on inside out?

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A porcupine is like a hedgehog, it has very spiky skin. When you have your coat on 'inside out' it means you have the inside on the outside so it's the wrong way round! 


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Poor porcupine!!

It's really good. It's very easy to understand and very funny.

y like it

Ha. Ha. Ha good but not really

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OK!! That enough! I'M out!! > : (

This is just a bit fun. ; )

I really dont get it...

Hi LordPony400

You say 'ouch' when something hurts. A spikey porcupine's coat can hurt you. 

If a porcupine wears his coat inside out, the spikes hurt him, so he says 'ouch'.

I hope that helps!


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ouch! it hurts me too!