What is an octopus?

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An eight-legged cat!

In English, another word for cat is 'pussy cat'. You can shorten it to 'puss', which is the sound at the end of the word 'octopus'. In the picture you can see a creature that is half octopus, and half pussy cat! 


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boring i knowed this joke

ha ha ha ha ha I  love  this  joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guys,this is very funny

i love it too
because it is a funny joke

I love this joke!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It isint funny because i can to say,, what is an octopus ? An dinosaur´´

Hee hee!  What about an eight legged bird? What do you think MissLuckyMouse?

OOOOOOhhhhhhh It is the real me Adam. I'm sorry but I diidn't write that stuff. My big brother did. By the way That joke is so funny.

Awesome . That might be one of the worst funniest jokes ever. I laughed not because

  1. It was funny but because it was so unfunny
  2. It was a good joke but because some people think it is good enough to appear in this web

I don't want to be a hard on you but Honeslty this joke sucks