How do you know if there is a monster under your bed?

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Because your head is almost touching the ceiling!

The 'ceiling' is the top of the room. In the picture you can see the boy is almost touching the ceiling because the monster is so big!


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Haha that so funny I saw that monsters under my bed Is same -_-

There is no monster under my bed >_<

So funny.

ok thanks

who is ms lucky mouse?

Hi QueenMysticJewel!


MissLuckyMouse is one of the adults in the LearnEnglish Kids team who works on this website and answers comments smiley


LearnEnglish Kids team

I do not understand could you explain to me very hard to understand

Hi QueenMysticJewel!


If you have a big monster under your bed, then your bed will be high up and your head will touch the ceiling! And that's how you will know there's a big monster under your bed laugh


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so so,i,msorri