What fish only swims at night?

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A starfish!

Stars come out at night.


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Im 11 years old! I like jokes! :)

 Dear Miss Lucky Mouse,
Stars came out at the whole day, because when in England it's night, in New Zealand it's afternoon! And when it's night, not alone some types of starfish, some types of jellyfish wake up at night.
White Starlight Piano

Aha! Good point, White Starlight Piano! :)

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

Hi ,i am SilverSongIris. I have 10 years old. I like jokes.

me, too! ^^ I'm korean and I'm 11 years old..!

hi i am ladyrose i am from spain and i have 10 years old.

Starfishes live at day! or is it only in denmark
name: ForeverDJSpider
age: technology age LOL!!! im 11

 wowza its really fun!