What do you call an elephant at the North Pole?

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Elephants don't live at the North Pole. If you saw an elephant in the snow it would probably have got lost! If you are 'lost' it means you don't know where you are.


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thats a good one :)

An aeroplane full of elephants crashed at:)) the North Pole !  

its more like a question but its a good try to.I'm not that o great at jokes either.

its not joke

Thats no joke.Its a question for smarties like Albert Einstein


That's not a joke, that's a question for smart people.

I change my mind... It is the best joke I've ever heard!! LOLara

Poor elephant! It is vey cute, doesn't it?

That is a veryyyyyyyyyyyy silly joke!! Do you want to tell you a joke from my country (Greece);
Totos prayed the capital of Greece to become Thessaloniki.
-Why, my son?, his mother asked him.
-Because what I wrote in my geography test!
(The capital of Greece is Athens)