Where do cows go at the weekend?

To the moo-vies!

'Moo' is the noise that cows make. The 'movies' is also called the cinema.


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Its stupid too

I speak Chinese,Spanish,Tagalog,Japanese,Arabic,and English,but I'm from Philippines

Hey, FantasticMoonstone8000. I am speak Vietnammese, French and English too.

I speak Vietnamese, English and French.

Are you from VietnaM?
I'm Vietnamese.i speak English and Vietnamese,too!

I speak English and French. English is easy, but French is difficult. About the joke:

  • very logical
  • funny one
  • HA, HA, HA

I speak vietnamese and English, what about you?

i speak english , spanish ,french, arabic shihala and vietnamese . hahaha ............... don't think your the best guy you are the loser.

Hello MasterGlass200. Where are you from? Are you from Vietnam? Because I love Vietnam. Beautiful country, right? And, nice to meet you, my new friend.

I speak English and I'm trying to learn Cantonese ... it's really really difficult!