What is brown and sticky?

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A stick!!!

A 'stick' is a thin piece of wood. 'Sticky' is when something stays fixed to something else. For example, honey is really sticky.


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1.How are you

I think it isn't very funny... :| But it is good...:D

This joke is one of my favourites.

I never would have thought that the answer would be "stick".

The joke is so funny

I did not understand that joke. It's boring... Yes... 

  1. hahah! Good joke! :P:P

It is funny. too funny for me

It is not that funny :\
We have some boring  jokes like it.
What is a thing which flying whene yuo cut it once?And never catchs again?
It is "Hair"
Whene yuo cut "H"
Yuo cant catching the air

  • funny!!!!