Where's Kitty going on holiday? Do you know how to use the present continuous for future arrangements? Watch the video and find out!


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Hi LadyYellow5,
MissInternetEarth is correct - we have a new grammar video called 'Gran's aventures' on the website now. I hope you like it!
LearnEnglish Kids team

I like this new video very much. Unfortunately I can't make out what Kitty says many times : Is it we are going for a week? Will you help me, please?

Hello LadyYellow5,
I'm glad you like the video!
Kitty asks Gran "Is it 'We go for one week.' or 'We are going for one week.'?"
Gran says "We are going for one week".
That's the correct way to use the present continuous to talk about future plans.
Can you write a sentence in the present continuous to tell us about something you have planned to do?
I hope that helps!

LearnEnglish Kids team

Hello LadyYellow5, 
We have put now put up the words for all the Kitty and Gran videos. Click on the 'Print the words for this video' button and you will be able to read along with what Kitty and Gran are saying. 
Hope that helps!
LearnEnglish Kids Team