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Grammar Rule


I have a pen. My pen is red.
We have a car. Our car is fast.
She has a cat. Her cat is nice.


I = my
he = his
you = your
she = her
we = our
it = its

Be careful!

The possessive adjective goes before the noun or before the noun and adjective.
I lost my pen.
She played football with her brother.
We met our new teacher.

We say... We don’t say...

I did my homework. (NOT I did the homework.)
She visited her grandma. (NOT She visited she grandma.)
My dog sleeps in its basket. (NOT My dog sleeps in it’s basket.)

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my game is 100 my sec 50

 I had 96% too.    (48.8seconds)       good?

i have got 96% it is good ?? :(

i got 87.2 is it good?

Well done PrincessTeamMusic!
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my mark is 96

I have a lot of fun!!!

It is very easy!!!

 i love this game. but I don't know why I can't see my comment ... did I do something wrong?

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