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Much and many

We can use much and many to talk about quantities. We can also use a lot of or lots of.

There aren't many shops in my town.
Do you get much homework?
I've got a lot of games.

How to use them

We usually use a lot of or lots of in positive sentences.

A lot of people were at the party.
There's lots of information on this website.

For things we can count, we use many or a lot of (or lots of) in negative sentences and questions.

He doesn't have many books.
Do you have a lot of friends?

For things we can't count, we use much or a lot of (or lots of) in negative sentences and questions.

I haven't got a lot of money.
Do you drink much milk?

To ask about quantities, we use how many for things we can count and how much for things we can't count.

How many sweets are there?
How much water would you like?

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Hello, I like it very much.

I don't


y like the activitis but its very easy

Those many mice
Ate very much rice
And a lot of chocolates "Mars".
They said, "It's nice
To eat so much rice
And so many chocolate bars!"

What a great poem for this grammar topic, ThoughtfulGem100! Well done!


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good :)

it is a good game <3

 great game thank you