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Grammar Rule


We have a small car.
I saw a white bird.
She watched an old film.


Adjectives don't have a plural form.
We have two small cars.
I saw five white birds.
She watched some old films.

Be careful!

Size before colour.
We have a small, blue car.
I saw a large, white bird.

We say... We don’t say...

We have a small, blue car. (NOT We have a small and blue car.)
I saw five large, white birds. (NOT I saw five large and white birds.)

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Hi LordGarnet300,
If you want to print the results of the game, you'll can do it like this:
On your computer there should be a special button called 'Print Screen'. This will take a picture of the screen. You can then paste this picture into another Program like Word, and then you can print it 
I hope that helps.

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi LordGarnet300!

Do you want to print the answers to the worksheet? Click on "Print the answers" under the games, and then print the document that appears normally.

Hope that helps!

LearnEnglish Kids team

I'm no good at this game!


can anybody tell me how to print the results

Hi LordGarnet300,
After you've finished playing the games, you can print out a worksheet and an answer sheet for more practice with adjectives.
By the way, you have to be logged in on the site to print out the worksheets.

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team

i've got 100% hurray!!!!!!!

 how to copy it

Hi MasterRockMegabyte,

Can we help you with something?

LearnEnglish Kids team

i've 100%.yhaaaa


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