Do you know lots of words in English? How many can you make in three minutes?


Do you like this game? What were your favourite words that you made?

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Hi DJ Harp Bluebell,

You're right. Wordshake isn't working right now. Don't worry, we are trying to fix it now.

Thank you! Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I GOT 50 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do anyone want to try to get more?!

27 POINTS!!!!!!!! EXELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 points ........

cool... like a bookworm....

 i got 45 points :-D

hi now  my best scooooore is 36

Anybody that get more than 60 points

hi my best scooooore is 31
i am so happy
i will try again

i have 22 points. Yehey!