Do you know lots of words in English? How many can you make in three minutes?


Do you like this game? What were your favourite words that you made?

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I got 27 points!

How do you play the game,because I can't figure it out?

If you can help me thanks and if not it's fine.

Hi MissPyramidAmulet,

First click/tap the arrow in the orange circle.

When you play the game, you have 3 minutes to make words. Click 'How to play' to read more details.

Next click play. You must click the letters in the correct order to make your word, and after each word, click enter.

The words must be in English of course!

I hope that helps.


Best wishes,


LearnEnglish Kids team

the problem with this game is full screen

Hi DiamondCreamSphinx,


I've played the game and the full screen is OK for me. Can you ask an adult to help you? Show the problem to the adult and then they can email us for more help if they need it.


LearnEnglish Kids team

BrUh I got 63 points yo

I got 72 points nice game

I am 27 points

I am 72 points DoctorTarntula

I was 25 points