Welcome to Trolley Dash! You have sixty seconds to collect everything on your shopping list. Finish in time and move to the next level.

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Game developed by Cambridge English Online


  • Do you like going to the supermarket?
  • What do you like buying in the supermarket?
  • Do you ever go shopping for food?
  • Who goes shopping for food in your house?
Average: 4 (5960 votes)


This game is very interesting but I need to shop very fast beacause I only got 60 second to shop so many thing.And if it's in real life,you'll need to go to the counter too,of course!

this's game is so easy

Its very cool actually, but i have to be quick but I'm slow motion. Lol

It's fantastic! I like to play this game. ^_^

It vary fast!!!!!!!!

  •  i agree, it's really fast

this game is fantastic!

awsome game i like it

 Me too!:)

I play this at school if we finish our computer work early... I LOVE it!!!!!!!! :D