Would you like to design your own superhero? Choose your hero and their superpowers in this game!


What's your hero like? What superpowers does he or she have?

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  • Her name it G- Girl
  • Her birthday is 20 June 2001
  • She 's cute girl and she likes blue
  • She can play piano and swim very well
  • And she 's a famous spy
  • Her name is Taylor
  • Her birthday is 26 June 2002
  • She's a beauty and she likes purple
  • She can draw very well
  • She have many fans and adore by many people
  • My name is Lavonne Beh
  • My birthday is on 17 March
  • I have my mother,father,young sister,(which is now 4 years old)younger brother(which is now 7 years old)
  • i am a bookworm.
  • i have black and brown hair(mix up till i don't know!)
  • What's their name?=Shes Name İs" Valeria"


  • What do they look like?= She Look Like "Cat Girl"


  • What can they do? =She Can Jump,She Can Swim,She Can scratches Everyone :) She Can Dans Wery Good ...

Her name is Amelia 
her birthday is 5 may 1997. 
She's very beautiful and powerful and she loves RED 
bye everybody 

its awsome
my one her name is kaesy.
her birthday is 31\8\1999

Her name is sandri
she is very attractive and very enger


  1. that's so boring !
  2. it isn't interesting !
  3. it's very ugly !

it's a super game!!!!!!!!! my hero's name is Tamina.