Ratty, the evil arch-villain, is trying to take over the world. Where is he? Can you crack the secret codes and find Ratty?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Write the English alphabet on a piece of paper, then write it backwards underneath so A = Z and B= Y. Now, write a message below in the code and we'll see if other children can crack the code.


Good luck code crackers! 


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Hi Emerald Marigold

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. If you explain again I'll try to help you.

Miss Lucky Mouse.

it is easy

I'v caracked Rattty's Code. I am the the best spy catcher in the world.
Best Regards                                                                                    

MissLuckyMouse i cannot find out whats the code could you tell me? I am bored thinking.

Hi Queen Buddy8
I'm not going to tell you the answer the secret code, because I'm sure you can work it out on your own! Am I right?
Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

It's not easy ! ^-^ But I like it.  Now , I'm a gifted spy.

Well! Finding the code was medium hard, but finding the answers where ratty is-rather.....difficult! That's all I can say
P.S: I'm a new member!

It's not easy but I love it. ^_^

Have you watched James Bond films as Casino Royale.

work out the code
I ma ni eladhcor dnalgne wl211lo