Ratty, the evil arch-villain, is trying to take over the world. Where is he? Can you crack the secret codes and find Ratty?

Game developed by Cambridge English Online


Write the English alphabet on a piece of paper, then write it backwards underneath so A = Z and B= Y. Now, write a message below in the code and we'll see if other children can crack the code.


Good luck code crackers! 


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what is the codes for leve l 1 pls

Dear MissWhiteFolk,
Can you work out the answer for level 1? Find the letters that correspond to the pictures. Scroll through the code by clicking on the small hand pictures on the left and right.
Can you do it?

LearnEnglish Kids team 

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Have fun on LearnEnglish Kids.

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  • i don't  like this game

it get boring after a while but I did well

after 2 days of playing the game I think I could do it without looking at the code

 i love this game it is the best game i had ever played