It's just before Christmas and Santa is getting fat! How can he take presents to all the children? He needs to get fit! Santa's going for a run. Can you help him run through the winter wonderland? How far can he run before he hits Christmas surprises?

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 It's fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for not answering early to you But THANK YOU
MISS INTERNET EARTH for the instuctions

hooray 252 is my best score

please can any one help me to get a charecter

Hi PearlAmuletTabla,
First, right click on your picture to go to your account.
Then click the tab 'edit'.
Scroll down to 'picture'.
Follow the instructions to create your character.
When you have finished, don't forget to save.
Don't worry if you don't see your new character immediately. It can take up to one week to appear.
Have fun!

Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

best game

 i like this game it is so interesting

I got a bad score...10. I will keep trying but it's tyime for breakfast for me bye now.

I think that I am going to like this game. Do you all think that i'm doing ok at English? i think you're doing great!


Dear OddBeachBubble, 

It seems you're doing really well. 

Keep up the good work! 

Best Wishes, 
LEKids Team