Dino the dog likes running. But there are lots of dangerous things on the road - tyres, rubbish bins and bouncing balls! If they hit him, he's in trouble! In this game you have to help Dino run, and answer questions about road safety along the way. How far can Dino run?

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What do you think is the most important thing for drivers to remember when they are driving a car?

Tell us your top driving tip here! 

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I love this game, its good for to see how fast you can reply and my Highscore is 355 metres.

My score is 506!!!

I love this game

It is a very good game.

i am new here will you be my friends. my score is 150

Hello CurlyBlackbirdZebra i will be your fried my score is 393!!!^_^

My score was 431 maybe 1000 or 10000 hmm no no my real score was 1000000.

Hi SmilingJurassicDinosaur,

I think you must be joking with 1000000! 

431 is a good score too : )

Have fun practising your English on LearnEnglish Kids.


Best wishes


LearnEnglish Kids team

Hi, thank you very much for understanding my joke. İ'am learning English.
We can be friends.


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