Do you know about Goldilocks and the three bears? How is your aim? Splat the bears with porridge and find words from the story.

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The bears in the game, and Goldilocks, have porridge for breakfast. Tell us about your breakfast.

  • What time do you have breakfast?
  • What do you have for breakfast? What do you eat and what do you drink?
  • Do you ever have a special breakfast at the weekends?
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 Too easy!! I almost got the word porridge i needed the "i" and the "d" :(

 i like this game 

i don't like this game.
it's to easy ang boring

cute when it says ''Yummmyyyy.......''''

FUNNY game! I like it !

hello my name is klind i was born at 25 10 2001 



I like this game!!!!!!

I have my breakfast early. I eat bread with cheese and I drink chocolate milk.