Do you know about Goldilocks and the three bears? How is your aim? Splat the bears with porridge and find words from the story.

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The bears in the game, and Goldilocks, have porridge for breakfast. Tell us about your breakfast.

  • What time do you have breakfast?
  • What do you have for breakfast? What do you eat and what do you drink?
  • Do you ever have a special breakfast at the weekends?
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oh i  understand this and i win it yeah

I'm glad you're enjoying playing this game DivingDinosaurT-Rex!

LearnEnglish Kids team 

what i must do to the second level

it so easy

the game is very beautiful.

 i got only papa bear on the first go! (chair)

 "i'm not even in this fairy tale," why is the wolf even there then? anyway this game really is hard the first go cuz the bears are right behind the wolf, well i still like it.

Good game.

easy game

It is a kind of SILLY.