Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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my monster is blue

       i have the grate monster in the world.....cool    :)     :) 

             My monster is:

  •  blue
  • has one eye
  • two blue foot
  • one ear on his head
  • a very funny nose,it's like a blue cloud :)
  • two blue arms and they are verrrrrry loooong!      :):):):)

Dear NeverSongNever,
Can i be your friend please???I know that you are a member for 5 Days and 14 Hours.

dear doctor magicswan
can you be my buddy

Dear MissLuckyMouse,
how can i go to the Ratty's spy game???Hope you see this.


To play Ratty's spy game click on Games. Then click on Fun with English. The game is called 'Secret Coder' and at the moment it's on page 4 of the games. Ok?

I hope you find it, and have fun playing! :)

Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

 will   you     be my friend

very good game . I like it

ha ha shouting is so funny." ah~!!!!!!!!!"