Would you like to make your own monster? Make a monster with this game.

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Average: 4 (2518 votes)


it was a funny game, my monster is green and gruffy is don't sweet when i like it!
I like this games wery much!

My monster is purple he is so funny.

My monster is red!

I like then my monster is danse!

i am blue all ! This game is great!

Very interested Game!

My  monster  is  blue.

 Hi everybody! I'm from Vietnam. I very like English. I believe my E will improve in the future. Uhm, this game is interesting!. I like it. Nice to meet you. Bye bye! :)

My monster is purpure!She is very beautiful..:)I love this game

My monster is orange with green arms, orange legs, green ears, orange and yellow eyes, yellow nose, black mouth and green arms. My monster is very funny and happy!!!